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Using Figurative Language Poetic comparisons enhance descriptions of a beautiful girl. Consider similes at use e words, like or as to highlight e girl's qualities in e comparison. For example, Her black hair shimmered like a lake in moonlight, instantly conveys e mental image of ripples. 02,  · Babe is noun used to describe a very beautiful woman (or in rare cases, a man). It’s to e same degree as gorgeous, but it’s definitely not as common as it used to be. You’ll certainly see a lot of pop cultural references ough in old movies and songs. 59 More Common Synonyms and Collocations For Beauty. 23,  · Words To Describe a Beauty Of Girlfriend. 1) Glamorous. You can say is to describe someone’s beauty in one word. Charming is someone attractive excitedly and uniquely. 2) Stunning. 3) Jaw-Dropping. 4) Elegant. 5) Divine. 12,  · Describing a Beautiful Woman. Posted on ember 12, ch 9, by Descriptive Writing. In describing a person, e use of numerous adjectives must be maintained in a writing piece to grasp e readers attention. Here is my description: e prominent girl reassembled a 14 year old adolescent, wi her Amazonian physique filed alarmingly. 27,  · Sweet, unique, modest, kind, honest. ese words describe only one percent of your personality. I dream to discover you for e rest of my life. e stars, e moon, and e sun are minor to me because you shine brighter an all of em! You’re re kable. You make me perform feats purely for your sake. You are more beautiful an spring flowers. 01,  · Talking wi e girl you like online or face to face is always a challenge. If you want to make a good impression, you should make use of all your weapons. But be careful on how many compliments you say to a her, because you have e opposite results. Beautiful compliments for e girl you like ♥ Your intelligence and conviction are. So don’t be like one of ose guys and pick out e right words to say when you’re wi a beautiful woman. In some cases, e beauty before you is already also in love wi you, but in o er cases, she might be someone new at you’re interested. Ei er way, it’s important to give her a compliment or two at’s suitable for your. Knockout strikingly impressive or attractive. gorgeous. beautiful. BEAUTY WORDS AT START WI L. Ladylike characteristic of a lady or woman. Lavish excessive. very abundant. Looker a very attractive person (especially woman). Lovely loving. full of love. beautiful. enjoyable. very nice in general sense. an attractive and beautiful person or object. Beautiful Benevolent Bold Brea taking Calm Cautious Charming Cheerful Classy Clever Committed Confident Congenial Considerate Constructive Contemplative Courageous Credible Curvy Cute Dainty Daring Dazzling Debonair Dedicated Delightful Deserving Detailed Determined Devoted Diplomatic Direct Discreet Divine Dynamic Effervescent Efficient Electrifying Elegant Enchanting Encouraging. Product on sale. $ 7.00 $ 5.00. Add to cart. Women and Society: It is not a secret at women have been treated badly and have been given less importance an men. Hence is shows at it is quite difficult to find some words to describe powerful, intelligent women in e English language. 14, 2007 · NEVER NEVER call a girl hot! when a guy calls me hot i feel like a object so just use gorgeous,beautiful, or find words in o er languages at mean beautiful. examples buhle( e african language ndebele)belle(french) or you could use gorgeous,ravishing. dropdeadgorgeous. but over all I love it weh my bf calls me beautiful. cus guys never use at word anymore. 28,  · What is e best word to describe e beauty of girls? As a woman, I would have to answer wi e word Ravishing It means at a woman looks beautiful, stunning, delightful, charming, lovely, striking, magnificent, enchanting, dazzling, intoxicating and brea taking all at once. 08,  · Beautiful Words For Women – a Group Project by Anita Revel. I’ll start wi a couple of my favourite words. Voluptuous. Adjective. Definition: sensuously pleasing or delightful. I like it because its syllables imply e shape of a voluptuous, curvy woman. It promises sensual pleasures, not just of e flesh but also in her attitude. In one of e Kannada movie, e protagonist quotes poet Kalidasa to describe a beautiful women. According to him, e a beautiful girl will have: Eyes - Vishalakshi (Broad Eyes), Meenakshi (like a fish) and Kamalakshi (like a lotus) Jowl - Like a mirror. Eyebrows - like a blanket worm (a kind of Caterpillar) Lips - like a Tonde Hannu (Ivy guard). Cute ings to say to a girl. Use ese beautiful words to let her know at she means e world to you: Your fa er must be a crafty ief, because he took all e stars from e sky, stole em, and placed em into your eyes. Today, I love you more an I did yesterday, but also less an I will love you tomorrow. 15,  · Indonesian girls are also beautiful and ey like to be complimented for it. To know more about how to say beautiful girl in Indonesian, you can read e complete explanation below. Beautiful Girl Meaning in Indonesian. We tend to describe beautiful girl as a girl at is good looking, pretty, and eye catching in a good way. Spiritual Descriptive Words. If your characters have a spirituality, you can show it wi or wi out naming it. Use e words below to describe your characters’ spirituality. angelic: someone who is exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind. synonyms – innocent, pure, virtuous, good. In English, you describe different beauty by using e words cute , good-looking , beautiful , y , gorgeous , etc. But in Chinese, e words to express different kind of beauty are in more detailed category. 清纯 (clear and pure) is one kind of beauty people use to describe young girl who look innocent and pure. is list of beautiful words provides 40 different words for beautiful and 0 beautiful English words. You not agree wi all of em, but ere will be some words at will delight your eye or ear and help wi a perfect description. 30,  · Actually, e words you use in description can reveal a lot about e character whose POV you are presenting. so does e choice of features to describe. So describing her as having large luscious hooters or bodacious sweater puppies would say more about e POV character an about e girl he (or she) is describing. 118 synonyms of beautiful from e Merriam-Webster esaurus, plus 77 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find ano er word for beautiful. Beautiful: very pleasing to look at. e most important tip when you want to impress girls wi words is to convey a sense of dominance while being romantic. Vocabulary to impress your girlfriend or date. Enticing. Enticing means attractive. If your date comes looks very beautiful and attractive, you can say You look very enticing tonight which means she is looking very. Describing Words. e idea for e Describing Words engine came when I was building e engine for Related Words (it's like a esaurus, but gives you a much broader set of related words, ra er an just synonyms). While playing around wi word vectors and e HasProperty API of conceptnet, I had a bit of fun trying to get e adjectives which commonly describe a word. In Korean, ere are two main words for beautiful – 아름답다 (areumdapda, beautiful ) and 예쁘다 (yeppeuda, pretty ). While you can use bo to describe most any ing of beauty, 아름답다 is a bit like e Japanese 美しい. You can say to your girl at for me, every ing is beautiful in you from head to toe and every ing is special related to you . e wordings would be highly appreciate-able, extremely romantic and adorable for her. Also Must Read: Poems at Make Her Feel Beautiful. You are So Much Beautiful to me Poetry from e heart for Girlfriend / Wife. Girls aren’t beautiful, ey’re pretty. Beautiful is too heavy a word to assign to a girl. Women are beautiful because eir faces show at ey know, ey have lost some ing and picked up some ing else. Henry Rollins (See also: inspirational quotes for women) Every ing passes away – suffering, pain, blood, hunger, pestilence. 09,  · DESCRIBE A WOMAN AS BIRD. e cellist’s practicing annoyed everybody, especially e girl living directly above her who was pregnant. e girl was very nervous and seemed to be having a hard time. Her face was meager above her swollen body, her little hands delicate as a sparrow’s claws. Feb 11, 2008 · No matter what you do, is girl will not be ' e most beautiful girl in e world' in everyone's eyes. Given at we know no ing of is awesome character we can't just randomly give you her outside appearance. At least I can't. So just describe a girl who you ink is beautiful in e best way at you can. Many adjectives. 24,  · It describes e prevalent spirit of an era. is word is so beautiful because it explains some ing in one word when you normally have to use a whole sentence. 2. Fernweh. is word is e opposite of homesickness - ra er, it is e feeling of desiring a place you have never been. It's perfect for when you want to get away and try. 21,  · In ings at will make your heart grow ree sizes, Reddit users have been submitting e nicest five-word sentences someone can possibly say, a condensation of every ing ey’ve ever wanted to hear in life. 02,  · is is a multi-purpose Middle English word of praise which you could use to describe a man or a woman, human, angel, animal, place, building, object, precious stone - pretty much any ing. But I'm assuming is is for romantic purposes, so tell a girl ' ou art fairest of all ing', and at's a perfect medieval compliment. 05,  · ese beautiful French words will impress French native speakers and enhance your pronunciation of bo simple and advanced phonetic sounds. Here are e most beautiful French words. Argent – silver. Argent is used in English too to refer to some ing silver and shiny. For example,a damsel in distress be rescued by an argent squire..romantic! A few words to describe my sisters. Saved by Shamika. 14. Black Love Art My Black Is Beautiful Black Girls Rock Beautiful Women Strong Black Woman Quotes Black Women Quotes Strong Women Positive Memes Black Pride. Feb 27,  · e simplest way to describe a beautiful, black woman is at she is a complex and intricate being. As a black man, I find an array of black women beautiful. She could be lightskinned, darkskinned, slim, curvy, tall, short, have straight or curly hair, and it does not matter. she is beautiful . Poetic Words to Describe a Woman You Love! Fri, 01/24/ - 13:09 Jaachynma. Location. You are my woman, my dream, my desire. You are my crown, my diamond, my jewel of inestimable value. Your emergence into my life brought me sunshine on a cloudy day. My face exhibits beautiful . List of adjectives, synonyms, and related terms to describe a boy. Use e below list to find different terms pertaining to a boy. e list contains adjectives, synonyms, terminology, and o er descriptive words related to a boy. Feel free to use is list to expand your vocabulary and be more descriptive! Words are listed in alphabetical order. Urdu se nikalti hai asli shaayari! Urdu language boasts of some of e most beautiful words at you will ever hear. We handpicked a few Urdu words wi meaning for you which are just like shayaris! Find more words! Ano er word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes wi Sentences wi Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words Wi Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting wi Words ending wi Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names. Describe e most beautiful, stunning eyes you have ever seen. Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. So my older sister is - in my opinion - e prettiest girl on e planet (al ough I'm never telling HER at). She's got blonde sombre-style hair at reaches down to her waist in waves, e dimpled smile at easily lights up an. Wi e help essay a describe beautiful girl of photography e exhibition of zenobia in chains. Securely!Stored. e stick is located at wi respect to e status of candidate for appreciation. e greater, it is more easily digest and evolve e greater e .

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